Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Groundhog Hour

A co-worker sent me this short film and automatically i thought of the movie Groundhog Day, except, this is one hour that keeps repeating.  When i first saw Groundhog Day, i was in, a full day to re-live and do things differently. It would take probably 1000 years to until you find yourself unable to do something new.  The movie did an excellent job in showing the different phases a person would go through, from the fun to the suicidal.  
This short though made me think about that one hour.  In the story, this poor unfortunate individual, happens to repeat his lunch hour, which isnt all that bad when you think about it.  But, what if it's a bad hour?  What if you're stuck in traffic?  A semi hit 5 cars and no one is going no where.  Or, maybe you're at work and it's a position you really cant leave right away, it'll be half an hour before someone can come and replace you.  So, you're repeating the same hour and half of it you're just sitting there.  Or, worse yet, what if it's the hour you receive bad news?  Like you're mom passed away and it's like at the top of the hour that the phone call comes in.  I mean how cruel can this world be, right.  
But, then you think about the good hour that it could also be.  Like the the hour when you wake up with no alarm, where you don't do anything because you know it'll be over in an hour.  Where you get up to eat, drink your coffee, look out your window and see the world.  To top it off, it's a nice sunny day.  Or, an evening hour, where you're at home having a cocktail.  Better yet, you're having mind blowing sex and for the rest of your life you repeat that hour.
But, like both movies, what about the hour when you just can't take another moment because it stopped being fun, that, "if i kill myself will it end" moment?  That one's gonna suck, just cause, will it end, or will you just know what it's like to have died?  I think depression kicks in early, since, it is just an hour.  I've blinked and felt like a day ran by.  
Also, do i have kids or a family?  Do i even attempt at calling them and hearing their voices?  Do i just forget about them eventually since it'll be years or decades that i'll have lived that hour?  Too many questions that i'll never answer, but fun to think about.
Aside from the negative, if i could pick an hour to re-live, it's a tough choice between the waking hour, the cocktail hour and sex hour.  Who am i kidding, i'll take all three!

Friday, August 10, 2012

To the cosmos and beyond

Yeah, i meant it to be about X-Files and green breasted alien chicks.  But then Juan dropped Carl Sagan into the conversation and then we exited the hemisphere.  But, a good conversation over all, i had fun.


Friday, August 3, 2012

Murdoch's reset

I was watching the A-Team movie and it made me realize they were all crazy, all except for Murdoch.  Who by the definition of the word should be craziest one of all.  But, here's the thing about Murdoch, he understood best of all that what they did was not normal.  He never even pretended that it was normal, that's why he acted the way he did, with a few moments of clarity.  He did all the crazy stunts without hesitation because he understood that it's what it took to make it work.  Think about it for a minute.  These guys played war in a civilian environment, they sought out situations where they needed to have that rush.  Who fucking trusts a crazy person to fly a fucking plane!? Crazier people than him, that's who.  They were ON 24 hours a day.  
But, you know where Murdoch was in between "missions"? In a psychiatric ward.  You know why? Because he knew he was crazy.  He needed that reset to be able to continue doing it.  Think about it, how else do you get reminded, get grounded, to your life than in the place where you feel the most calm, sane even.  No, whenever Murdoch left that sanctum he knew it was time to let go and get crazy.  He knew he needed to be in that mindset to be able to "play" war with his friends.  He needed to match, if not surpass, their actions so he wouldn't be left behind.  
Can you imagine what went through his head as he's calmly looking out the window of his padded room and he sees this big ass black dude, with a hundred pounds of gold around his neck and a mohawk telling him to back away from the window.  Then the window explodes, or the wall get's ripped right off the room.  Then, what does he see, a black van, with the craziest looking paring of people.  A chick, an old man, a well dressed guy and a guy named B.A.  You know what he thought, IT'S ON! And it was.
He went out, played with his friends in this imaginary world they had.  They blew things up, they helped people, they took down the bad guy and maybe once in a while he got the girl.  He was living out all his dreams and making some new ones up.  He was playing soldier and saving the day.  Best of all, no one is ever hurt, no one gets killed and there was a happy ending every time. He had a group of people that accepted him for who he was and even relied on him.
Then, when he was tired of all the excitement, he went home to rest, hang out with his real friends and do real things.  Everyday things, like sleep, eat, not use guns, no running from the police or the military.  Just boring, old every day things.  Like a normal person.

So, we spoil Dark Knight Rises

The conversation went well, but in my heart i'm just happy this was not a repeat of last week's problem.  I hope that never happens again.  Yes, we spoil the Dark Knight, but we also talk about other things, like Snoop Lion.  Wanna know more, listen up folks.