Thursday, October 27, 2011

Let's talk about the fun and exciting world of reading.

This week we got a little carried away talking about books and reading and we didn't even mention Reading Rainbow, damn.  But by how it ended there must be a part 2 somewhere in the future.  By far one of my favorite conversations i've had with Juan, it made me think about a lot of things.  For a while there i forgot how much reading meant to me when i was younger and had all the time in the world to read, before the real world took over my hours and started dictating to me what my schedule would be.  It sucks to realize that as a kid you wanted to be an adult cause of how free we'd be from all the things our age stopped us from doing.  Yet as an adult, all we realize is that there isn't enough time in the day to do half the things we'd like to do and even less time for the things that we need to do.  I'd be curious to know what percentage of people actually do what they want for a living and are able to make enough to live off.  Until then, listen to us excitedly talk about something we hardly do now, which might explain why we sound like bitter old men sometimes.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Let's talk about the New York Comic Con

Here we go again. Juan gives us a rundown on NYCC in today's episode.

ENJOY and thanks for listening.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Anyone in their 30's, get ready for a trip down memory lane.  Anyone under 25, click open a new tab and go to wikipedia, you might need it.

I asked a few people the following question.  What are some things an 18 years getting out of High School right now would no nothing about from when we were 18 and getting out of High School?  The answers were more fun than i thought.

My favorite answer by far was the Dewey Decimal System, what a geek i know, but i remember we had to take a class just to learn how to use the damn thing just so we could find a book.  While we're on the subject of books, remember the Encyclopedia?  Yeah, before the internet, and expensive as fuck.  A set of those was like $800 dollars back in the day, you can buy two computers for that now a days.

Speaking of computers, remember the floppy disk?  Yup, i think it had the equivalent of like 3 or 4 MB, yet somehow enough back then, weird how now 8GB memory card is just for quick things.  Yet somehow it's always full when i need it.  Oh damn, remember dial-up for the internet?  What 18 year old now knows the tortures of dial-up? 

On the note of dialing, let's give it up to payphones and having to dig through your pockets for change to make a phone call.  Or returning a page.  Who had a pager back in the day? This guy right here, more than one actually.  I look at my cell phone as I write that and see my voicemail is full.  Reminds me that there used to be a machine that used to take the messages in your house, yeah the big ass answering machine, not even digital, it was tape.  What about actually knowing people's phone numbers? Huh, remember when you didn't take a shit if your cell phone died?

Now we're getting to the serious stuff.  I remember when boomboxes came with tape decks, remember recording from tape to tape and making mixtapes.  Yes kids, that's where the word came from.  Fuck, i'm old.  How many of us had walkmans confiscated in school? Even the discman made it's appearance during the end of High School right? Remember going to the store to buy CD's?  Or taking two buses across town to the right store to find the CD you wanted.

Before megastores came out where you could buy your music and movies.  Which brings us to VHS, yeah, told you it was getting good.  The funny thing is that there are still a few movies that haven't been released in DVD format yet.  TV's used to be big ass boxes, heavy too and always a little fuzzy.  Well, we really weren't aware of it at the time.  Remember going to the movies and waiting like a year for the movie to come out for rent.

Let's end it with the word processor/typewriter, with how social networking was with actual people and the name Urkel was something we could all talk about.  I'm not saying these 18 year olds have it better, but you know how you don't know how bad you have it until you see how the other half lives.  Yeah, kinda like that.

Later folks, thanks for coming along for the ride.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

New York Comic Con episode, well, prequel

Juan gives us some insight on being a vendor at cons, the whaffs, the laughs and the fans.  He's at NYCC so if you're out there go by Creature's booth and say hello.  Here's more info on that.
And listen here to our latest.

Other project i've been working on

So, i like sketching and drawing once in a while.  Lately i've been really spending a lot of time with some ideas, mainly trying to combine my love for writing with what i can draw.  Recently a good friend of mine moved into a new place and asked me to draw something for her.  That simple idea turned into a tidal wave of ideas and the following drawings are the outcome.  What do you think? I present, The Lily Collection.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just another day at the office.


CHRIS appears through the open door but doesn’t come in, taps on the door twice to get ALEX’s attention. 

What’s up?

Trying to leave early, do you have the back-up for the new shoe account?

(confused look on his face)
Shoe account?

Yes, the one you set up yesterday.  Shipping every week? Plenty of work?  European guy you spoke with on the phone?

Right, right!

So, what do you need???

Back-ups.  Account info, from where to where, contacts, prices.

And those would be???

You tell me you took the call.

Refresh my memory.

Really dude, do we have to go through this every time?

I really don’t remember 5 mins ago, it’s gonna be tough to remember yesterday.

Ok, you woke up when?

7 ..

I think.

Then what did you do?

Pretty sure I showered.

CHRIS rotates his hand to signal to ALEX to keep going.

Right…ummm…shower; something in the shower; fed & played with the dog.

Couldn’t find my keys; found them; jumped in the car; stopped at the gas station; got my coffee; got to work.

How the hell do you remember that but can’t remember a conversation you had on the phone with someone?

I don’t really, it’s just what I do every morning.

CHRIS looking a combination annoyed and defeated.

You giving me hints just helps me remember, like getting a motor warmed up.  Ok, so yeah, new customer, shoes,

(fishing in the air for answers)
right, right.

(flips through his large legal notepad)
Here it is, Paulo, he’s got a shoe factory, will be sending every week, right, yeah, here we go.

(starts taping his keyboard)
Ok should be printing out in your computer right now.

Anything else on your notes?

No the usual stuff.  Company information, credit application, we have to call a Maureen before anything can happen, umm…

(flips more pages)
oh they are going to need an extra person for the loading and they can accept on Sunday nights if they get there early.

Ok good and you already talked to Maureen and we’re good with her right?


The lady we need to speak with before anything can happen?

(quizzical look on his face)
A little more.

You just read it to me from your notes.  Did you speak to her?

ALEX flips through the pages again, back and forth, looks up at CHRIS looking for some help.

Are you serious man?

ALEX throws his hands up in and then drops them back down, hangs his head.

Ok, you woke up at what time?


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hey Juan,...

We have a good conversation about Creature's new project "TS 101" and continue it with a little insight into the music that we listen to.  Juan surprises me with Faith No More and all my picks are just like everyone else cause i'm not special.  I do say Cold War Kids but it only makes me sound like a hipster.