Tuesday, January 31, 2012


So i took an unexpected vacation and enjoyed it a little too much cause i disconnected myself from a lot of things.  Didn't watch a lot of tv, but i did find myself watching Transformer 3 as i tried to kill 2 hours waiting.  Let me save you the trouble of watching it.  Spoiler Alert!! The Transformers win, none of the good guys die, the chick who replaced Megan Fox really made no difference and i suggest you can go the rest of your life not wasting that amount of time on that movie.  Listened to a lot of radio, i was out in LA so KROQ was the station i was tuned into.  I hadn't realized just how much Miami has made me miss out, this place has no good radio stations what so ever.  So that was fun, if you get the chance check out Gotye - Somebody I Used To Know, great song getting a lot of airplay out in LA.  As for the internet, if i couldn't connect to it with my phone i was pretty much not doing it.  Other than that, since it was unexpected there was no podcast but there will be one this week. So on with the show.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Just brainstorming a movie for fun.

I've been wanting to do this with Juan for a while, to see his thinking process when he approaches a script or idea.  It was interesting to see how he feels developing the atmosphere, culture and social goings on is the first thing he goes for.  While i on the other hand and thinking characters and situations and building the world around them.  My thinking is that a story, well written can take place in just about any time and medium, so that the world is built around them, but I can see how his brainstorming technique kinda works cause as we talked i got ideas for characters.  It was interesting to hear how deep he goes into it, i imagine it's the D&D Dungeon Master in him trying to make a real world so that his character development is much easier because he has a place for them to walk around and have an adventure.  Even listening to it again i get more ideas, very cool stuff going on there.


Monday, January 9, 2012

     She tried to stop crying but her tears only lubricated the gears.  The machine was in full motion.  Destination?  Unknown.  When did this conductor get behind the wheel and where did the man she was talking to go? she thought.  She never saw the change behind the veil of tears.  Now there she was, on a bumpy ride unsure of when it would stop, if ever.  She resigned to the idea that the machine would stop at it's desired destination and that she had no say in the matter.  She eventually stopped crying, sat down, got a drink and started to look out the window.  The bumps had all but stopped, the conductor even sat down with her and they talked.  He couldn't promise her anything but he would try to make the rest of the ride smoother.  She closed her eyes for a minute she thought, but she woke at the jerk of the machine coming to a halt.  The conductor came back, a new one, he looked a little like the last one but somehow just a little different.  She didn't know how but she thought they could be same person, except the demeanor of this new one seemed friendlier.  
She explained, "I don't know where to go from here".
"Well you can't stay here.  Besides, do you really want to go where this machine is going?  It's going to unknown places, it's best if you just start walking and take it one day at a time from here."
"But i'm scared".
"I know.  But you've been here before, you don't need someone else deciding where you're going anymore".
With that she grabbed her bags and got off at the station.  The posted signs showed her the directions to places she knew.  Out of curiosity she also saw where the machine was headed and was glad she got off where she did.  She began to walk back to her life.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hey Juan, what is wrong with Miami customer service? (and stuff)

I should really get over the fact that most people's attitude in Miami is shitty, well, when it comes to customer service.  I've been out here 3 years now, you'd think i would shut up about it.  Maybe i will someday, but until then allow me to express myself in the hopes that people will change.  A smile here, an apology there, some sort of sign that they care, that's all i'm asking for.