Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Pod

We phone this one in, our schedules conflicted a little, we actually talk current events.  Juan dislikes Hologram Tupac but we both agree that there shouldn't be a tour.  We talk a little about movies and also both agree that Black Panther might not get a movie before Luke Cage.  Though i say if we just flip the Crocodile Dundee script and put Wakanda instead of Australia we'd have a hit.  Then a little about this and that, overall a good conversation.  Thanks for listening.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

To my friend, Fernando

If you ever came across him as a teacher, a mentor or a friend you'd remember him for the rest of your life, and chances are he'd remember you too. What i remember the most was his amazing subtle way to let you know were doing something wrong, right, or disappointing but also to let you know that it was ok because it was part of life.
I met him 16 years ago as his student, it wasn't long before i was going back to him for advice or just conversation. He sent me inspirational postcards while i was going through boot camp, a letter here and there while going through life and lately the occasional message on facebook. Still in the challenge of "attempting to eradicate ignorance" he'd say about his current status.
It felt horrible to hear about his passing, but reading all the comments felt incredibly releasing to see so many people write all the things i was feeling. He will be missed, but not just by those who met him, but by those who never got the chance to.

Sincerely and forever in your debt,

Little Big Man

Still Around

I’ve been away for a while, was busy trying to finishing something I had been putting off for a while.  In the absence I realized that I’ve had this online journal, blog, for a year exactly.  The purpose of it when I began was to put myself out there, like my buddy Juan had recommended.  He basically said, you need to put yourself out there, so I did, with Twitter, Facebook and this.  I have to say it’s been fun, but the fruits for my labor have not been as sweet as I had anticipated.  So i’ve been down about the whole situation, not enough to call it quits, but enough to make want to change my game plan.  The fun of it is still there which is enough for me.  I’ve often said that you should do something until it stops being fun.  Pretty good rule to live by I think.  Mostly though I feel it’s because of my lack of bravado, I’m just not the type, yes I’m a definite alpha male, but not an asshole, which on the internet gets you nothing it seems.  So, I’ll keep doing this until it stops being fun, if I lag, I apologize, but I’m always around. I’m just always thinking that I should put something up that is worth reading and not just a page filler.  (is this is a page filler?)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Short Idea

KID gets to elementary school about an hour before anyone else, he cleans the area his is going to be in a little.  The groundskeeper walks by and greets him, gives him an apple.  Kids start to show up and just mingle in the area.  At a certain time he checks the school clock and stand before them all.  They all line up military formation style, about 12 of them in groups of 4, three groups.  The first member in each group reports in that everyone is in, second does the same but third states in member missing.  KID greets them all and speaks regarding the upcoming weekend and to be careful, very adult like.  He dismisses them in the area and the team members all come to him.  The stand in a circle and speak about the events of the day and week, bullies; the missing member; homework and teachers.  The huddle separates and each team leader gathers with their members for a few minutes.  KID watches them, his huddled army, standing tall and stoic among them.  He stands before them again and they form into their teams.  He addresses them one more time and dismisses them into school.
KID walks out of the school's front doors to his teams already hanging around.  They gather and form.  He receives reports from his team captains, dismisses them and the team captains form on him again.  Huddled he discusses with them the day’s events.  Bullies were spoken with, homework will be assigned and a few members will be needed for weekend duty on a special assignment.  Each team captain volunteers a member.  The huddle breaks and each captain goes to his team.  Orders are given out, the occasional moan from the person who was volunteered and then they all form again.  A few more parting words and KID dismisses them.
Slowly each member leaves, some speak of the weekend events they have planned, some complain of the special assignment, others of how is the KID always the first one there and last one out.
Eventually everyone is gone and more time passes.  KID walks the area, looks into the school yard, picks up a candy wrapper and finds the proper place for it.  A female adult approaches KID, a teacher, Ms _______.  Sits with him, they talk. 
KID's mom works longs hours, she has to drop him off early to get to work on time and because of overtime and public transportation it takes her a while to get there.  Teacher wants to talk to her about leaving KID alone for so long at the school.  KID doesn't mind, he gets to hang out with his friends more time, and groundskeeper always keeps an eye on him, he is standing nearby gathering leafs.  KID pleads with teacher, his mother has enough on her mind than to worry about that, things will change and it won't always be like this he hopes.  KID looks weak because he's said it so many times before, teacher nods in understanding, gets up and goes back inside.  KID keeps waiting.