Tuesday, April 17, 2012

To my friend, Fernando

If you ever came across him as a teacher, a mentor or a friend you'd remember him for the rest of your life, and chances are he'd remember you too. What i remember the most was his amazing subtle way to let you know were doing something wrong, right, or disappointing but also to let you know that it was ok because it was part of life.
I met him 16 years ago as his student, it wasn't long before i was going back to him for advice or just conversation. He sent me inspirational postcards while i was going through boot camp, a letter here and there while going through life and lately the occasional message on facebook. Still in the challenge of "attempting to eradicate ignorance" he'd say about his current status.
It felt horrible to hear about his passing, but reading all the comments felt incredibly releasing to see so many people write all the things i was feeling. He will be missed, but not just by those who met him, but by those who never got the chance to.

Sincerely and forever in your debt,

Little Big Man

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