Thursday, May 31, 2012

Prof. Juan teaches a class

Seriously, when some talks out of their ass i tend to tune out.  I'm not just saying this cause Juan is my friend, but he is talking about something he knows.  I honestly became a listener half way through this weeks pod.  The dude's been in the game for a long fucking time, he knows what he's talking about and some people could learn from what he's gone through.  The shit he was doing when he started, without the internet, without all this social networking that we have at our fingertips, is very impressive.  I really got a kick listening to this again right before putting it up.  There's a lot of knowledge in him and he's more than glad to share it and help out.  He's not that asshole you can't approach and it shows because only someone who's been in the shit can appreciate someone else starting to crawl through it.

Anyway, thanks for listening.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So, that happened.

Now, i'm no prude...i did some "experimenting" in my youth, tried a few drugs here and there.  But i had two rules, basic rules i think, nothing up my nose and nothing in my veins.  That worked for me, quite obviously since i've never tried to eat a man's face off.

Careful clicking on that, it has a video too.

So, yeah, that happened.  Cocaine madness some are calling it, others blame it on a bad acid trip, someone said it was cold medicine and prescription meds.  No, no one said that, that was a joke regarding Chyna.  The wrestler turned pornstar, not the, nevermind.
But in all the experimenting i did, never did i look at a man's face and think PEEPS! Of the top of my head it's the only thing i can think of, maybe gummy bears, or some sort of chewy candy, taffy, i don't know.  Nor did i think i was so hot i needed to remove my clothes and then proceed to feast on someone's face.  At worst, i got hungry, thirsty, maybe scared, if it was a bad trip.  But never did i see someone's face and had to have it for dinner or a late lunch.
How fucked up was that dude that upon seeing another man's face the first thought he had was to think YUMMY, no, more like "Fuck i'm so hungry i could eat your face".  That should be the new "i'm so hungry i could eat a horse".  Too soon? 
While on the subject of joking about such a horrendous thing, the internet did go into a frenzy throwing the word ZOMBIE around.  If you read the story, the officer had to shoot the cannibal a few times before killing him.  The first shot didn't stop the man from his feasting, it took half a dozen shots.
Now i have a friend, some of you may know him, who loves zombies i can only imagine his inbox regarding this issue. But it does bring up an interesting subject, imagine my friend likes to relax once a year, one weekend a year he likes to relax and throw caution to the wind.  (At this point i am taking two friends and making them one with my scenario, just so the reader understand, my zombie friend doesn't actually do this, he might, i really don't know, but for this specific moment he does.)
So this one weekend a year, he parties a little hard, this hard partying takes some energy that he might not keep in reserve, so maybe he needs a little artificial help.  So this one weekend a year my buddy has a little bag of mother's little helper, he takes a few bumps throughout the night and into the next day.  So, let's say cocaine madness takes over and all he sees is marshmallow faces everywhere (i say marshmallow cause that's what would trigger me, i don't know if he likes marshmallows that much) and he just starts going to town on people.  To him, he's just eating jelly filled marshmallow balls, perfectly normal, and yes it was hot and he took off all his clothes.  Now, let's fast forward to Monday and i'm reading the news like i do and i hear about my buddy and the events that transpired, for a minute there i'd be in shock, then, well...yeah, very plausible.  Just saying, the man loves zombies.

Check out his website and see for yourself.

Where was i going with this, i don't know.  
In conclusion, kids, don't go crazy with the drugs.  Word of the day kids, moderation, that's all i'm saying.  Plus, know your dealer.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pod-ding out with our ... nevermind

Just as i had said "you'll see more post up here" i then take a trip and disconnect for a good week.  Oh well, but i'll try.  So, we're at it again, this time mainly about music, something here and there about movies and Juan's hate for Limp Bizkit.  


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Friday, May 11, 2012

Hello everyone

First i want to thank anyone who reads this, also i'd like to apologize that i've been absent for a bit here.  The last two months or so i've been concentrating on a script and you wouldn't believe how much time it takes to correct one mistake here and there because of how it changes the whole format and then you find yourself going through 110 pages over and over.  But i feel it's 90% done, i doubt i'll ever feel like it's 100% just because you can always keep improving.  Did you ever hear that when Edgar Allan Poe wrote The Raven he was on his 500th revision before his editor just published it anyway?  I think most of us feel that way about everything we do that others will see.  So, this is done, what happens now.  Well, now i let a few friends read it and get some critiques and then i revise it if anyone gives me something i do to improve it (that should take it to 95%).  After that, well, i'm going to geek out with it a bit (maybe).  Any one familiar with the writer Charles Bukowski?  How about the movie Barfly?  

Well Bukowski was commissioned to write the movie, he did and then he published it like a novel.  The movie was eventually made and it starred Mickey Rourke as Bukowski, yeah back when Mickey Rourke was an actor and not what he's turned in to now.  Which is not a negative, i dont mind what he's doing now, i'm just saying it's a stretch to who he used to be.  That's all.  So, i'm kinda playing with the same idea, turning my script into a novel i can self publish it and also put up on kindle.  We'll see, i'll keep you guys updated.  With that project done i'm going to get back to regular writing, so you'll see more of that here.  I've also started to screen print shirts of my own designs, prepare to see those soon too.  That's all for now,i'll check in with everyone soon again. 

In the mean time, here's something i drew a few days ago, don't know what i'm going to do with it, but i like it.

 Thanks for reading.

Again with the Podcast

Julio Alvarez sits down with us again as we talk about people who have inspired us.  We soon leave that topic behind and start talking about what art means, specifically Juan tries to debunk my notion that within the artist realm writers are at the bottom of the totem pole.

Listen here

I'll take this time to address that statement.  First and foremost, I am not saying writing is easy, not by any means.  What i am saying is that in a world of painters, sculptors, musicians, actors, and so on.  The writer belongs among them, just not over any of them.  The beautiful thing about being a writer is that you can be one in the most simple possible way, just by writing how you speak.  Your voice, style, allows you to be unique and separates you from other writers.  As long as you can spell, and even that isn't a necessity (thank god for editors).  It's how you say it, not what you say most of the time.  5 people can tell the same story in 5 different ways and it'll change each time it gets told, making that story infinite.  You don't have to learn to write, you just have to want to do it, you have to keep doing it even if in the end nothing ever comes of.  Of course you can go to school and learn techniques, but in the end if you don't have a voice or something to say then you won't want continue.  Writers start that totem pole because in the end everyone above us can do what we do, but we can't always do what they do.  A painter needs to expand his craft, he needs to learn constantly to improve, he needs to have a talent for it to begin with.  An actor really puts himself out there and if he's successful he will continue acting and make millions per movie, if he isn't good, he can improve.  Musicians just the same, as well as someone who draws or sculpts.  Writers, man, it's in you or it's not.  And i don't mean the talent is in you to write, no, is it just in you to want to write.  No poem will ever cost 4 mil or some ridiculous amount like a painting and we'll never have thousands of people in front of a stage hanging on to every word we sing.  No, the life of writer is a lonely one that will lead to nothing maybe.  So we hold up the totem pole and get to hang with the rest of them, some of us stand out, some of us don't.  Maybe i'm selling myself short but, to answer Juan's question, if i was in a deserted island, would i still write?  Yes, probably every day that i was there because it's all i want to do.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

CTV studios has spoiled me

I'm pretty sure it's not a big deal to anyone else, but that room where we've recorded a few of these is pretty awesome, well the product of recording in that room is.  I don't think anyone hears it, or cares for that matter, but there is a slight difference in the sound and i love it.  Enough about that, in today's podcast we discuss the pros and cons of being properly schooled for art or just being self taught.  Seeing as i'm neither i'm glad Julio Alvarez sat down with us and gave us another perspective on the subject.