Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So, that happened.

Now, i'm no prude...i did some "experimenting" in my youth, tried a few drugs here and there.  But i had two rules, basic rules i think, nothing up my nose and nothing in my veins.  That worked for me, quite obviously since i've never tried to eat a man's face off.

Careful clicking on that, it has a video too.

So, yeah, that happened.  Cocaine madness some are calling it, others blame it on a bad acid trip, someone said it was cold medicine and prescription meds.  No, no one said that, that was a joke regarding Chyna.  The wrestler turned pornstar, not the, nevermind.
But in all the experimenting i did, never did i look at a man's face and think PEEPS! Of the top of my head it's the only thing i can think of, maybe gummy bears, or some sort of chewy candy, taffy, i don't know.  Nor did i think i was so hot i needed to remove my clothes and then proceed to feast on someone's face.  At worst, i got hungry, thirsty, maybe scared, if it was a bad trip.  But never did i see someone's face and had to have it for dinner or a late lunch.
How fucked up was that dude that upon seeing another man's face the first thought he had was to think YUMMY, no, more like "Fuck i'm so hungry i could eat your face".  That should be the new "i'm so hungry i could eat a horse".  Too soon? 
While on the subject of joking about such a horrendous thing, the internet did go into a frenzy throwing the word ZOMBIE around.  If you read the story, the officer had to shoot the cannibal a few times before killing him.  The first shot didn't stop the man from his feasting, it took half a dozen shots.
Now i have a friend, some of you may know him, who loves zombies i can only imagine his inbox regarding this issue. But it does bring up an interesting subject, imagine my friend likes to relax once a year, one weekend a year he likes to relax and throw caution to the wind.  (At this point i am taking two friends and making them one with my scenario, just so the reader understand, my zombie friend doesn't actually do this, he might, i really don't know, but for this specific moment he does.)
So this one weekend a year, he parties a little hard, this hard partying takes some energy that he might not keep in reserve, so maybe he needs a little artificial help.  So this one weekend a year my buddy has a little bag of mother's little helper, he takes a few bumps throughout the night and into the next day.  So, let's say cocaine madness takes over and all he sees is marshmallow faces everywhere (i say marshmallow cause that's what would trigger me, i don't know if he likes marshmallows that much) and he just starts going to town on people.  To him, he's just eating jelly filled marshmallow balls, perfectly normal, and yes it was hot and he took off all his clothes.  Now, let's fast forward to Monday and i'm reading the news like i do and i hear about my buddy and the events that transpired, for a minute there i'd be in shock, then, well...yeah, very plausible.  Just saying, the man loves zombies.

Check out his website and see for yourself.

Where was i going with this, i don't know.  
In conclusion, kids, don't go crazy with the drugs.  Word of the day kids, moderation, that's all i'm saying.  Plus, know your dealer.

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