Friday, May 11, 2012

Hello everyone

First i want to thank anyone who reads this, also i'd like to apologize that i've been absent for a bit here.  The last two months or so i've been concentrating on a script and you wouldn't believe how much time it takes to correct one mistake here and there because of how it changes the whole format and then you find yourself going through 110 pages over and over.  But i feel it's 90% done, i doubt i'll ever feel like it's 100% just because you can always keep improving.  Did you ever hear that when Edgar Allan Poe wrote The Raven he was on his 500th revision before his editor just published it anyway?  I think most of us feel that way about everything we do that others will see.  So, this is done, what happens now.  Well, now i let a few friends read it and get some critiques and then i revise it if anyone gives me something i do to improve it (that should take it to 95%).  After that, well, i'm going to geek out with it a bit (maybe).  Any one familiar with the writer Charles Bukowski?  How about the movie Barfly?  

Well Bukowski was commissioned to write the movie, he did and then he published it like a novel.  The movie was eventually made and it starred Mickey Rourke as Bukowski, yeah back when Mickey Rourke was an actor and not what he's turned in to now.  Which is not a negative, i dont mind what he's doing now, i'm just saying it's a stretch to who he used to be.  That's all.  So, i'm kinda playing with the same idea, turning my script into a novel i can self publish it and also put up on kindle.  We'll see, i'll keep you guys updated.  With that project done i'm going to get back to regular writing, so you'll see more of that here.  I've also started to screen print shirts of my own designs, prepare to see those soon too.  That's all for now,i'll check in with everyone soon again. 

In the mean time, here's something i drew a few days ago, don't know what i'm going to do with it, but i like it.

 Thanks for reading.

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