Thursday, January 12, 2012

Just brainstorming a movie for fun.

I've been wanting to do this with Juan for a while, to see his thinking process when he approaches a script or idea.  It was interesting to see how he feels developing the atmosphere, culture and social goings on is the first thing he goes for.  While i on the other hand and thinking characters and situations and building the world around them.  My thinking is that a story, well written can take place in just about any time and medium, so that the world is built around them, but I can see how his brainstorming technique kinda works cause as we talked i got ideas for characters.  It was interesting to hear how deep he goes into it, i imagine it's the D&D Dungeon Master in him trying to make a real world so that his character development is much easier because he has a place for them to walk around and have an adventure.  Even listening to it again i get more ideas, very cool stuff going on there.


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