Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Pod

Shit happens people, it sure did for us.  But, we're back.

Listen here


  1. I say go with the "I Heart Chris and Juan" email BECAUSE it is gay. It sticks in people's heads because it's so goofy.

    I went to GeekFest and noticed a lot of empty tables. I think Tate's didn't show and neither did the artist I was looking forward to seeing, Mark Sparacio. I was only there like two hours but I saw a couple other no shows, too. I wonder what happened. Maybe it was the Miami book fair.

  2. Yeah, we're definitely going with iheartchrisandjuan, it's too good not to.

    I didn't make it to Geekfest and yes, i was the Book Fair. I think the way Juan explained it, it's a lot of locals.

    Did you happen to see the Creature booth or Juan?

  3. I did see Juan at the booth but I'm really just a casual fan of the podcast so I'd feel stupid introducing myself and getting in the way of the real business that needs to be done. I've seen the Creature booth at pretty much all the shows I've ever been to down here over the last couple of years-Palmcon, Supercon, GI Joe IrvingCon, and everyOtherCon. Except for the BTL Collectibles Show. I don't think I've ever seen any podcasters there.

  4. Dude, Juan loves to interact with people in general. If anything it would be a great twist to talk about the podcast at a comic con rather than comics. Yeah, Creature is everywhere, but that's what you gotta do to make it, right.