Monday, May 20, 2013

The music's not over...

The three greatest influences of my life, so far, have been The Doors, Bukowski and Jack Kerouac.

I was introduced to The Doors by a friend of one of my older brothers.  He used to dress like the Crow.  Brandon Lee's The Crow in case there was any confusion, i know some of you young bucks might not recall that.  He played their first album and talked to me about him and it sparked something that has lasted a little over two decades and many, many t-shirts.  There was just something different, something raw, poetic and sad about Jim Morrison's whole story.  But, in the end you accepted that it was how it was supposed to be, there was no other way he could have lived his life.  Though i had no way to compare myself to it at all, i felt like i could listen to him all day every day. 

It was just not Jim after a while though, no, he needed the rest of The Doors in order to convey his message.  Without them he was just a jester with no court upon to perform.  I always felt the true leader of that troupe was Ray Manzarek though, he founded the group and kept it together for the little time they actually were together.  A talented musician who saw the potential in this young poet and the potential they could have in history together.  The Doors were what The Beatles are for others, or The Stones, or Led Zep.  I can honestly say there isn't a month in my life when i don't listen to them or subject someone else to have to.

Ray died today and saddened me a bit.  It seems like lately i've been writing because i'm happy or i'm sad.  The original post i was working on will now have to wait, this is a little more important.  I'll end this post with an anecdote of how i almost met another Doors member.

It was high school and i was seeing this very nice jewish girl.  I had a birthday coming up and she knew of my fascination with The Doors, she told me was able to facilitate a meeting with John Densmore.  Her grandmother was friends with his grandmother and she wanted to give me a meeting with him for my birthday.  This was during a time when i was not as bright as i am now, in a time when i was heavily influenced by the unauthorized biographies of semi acquaintances of Doors members and the specifically the movie The Doors, written and directed by Oliver Stone.  If you know anything about Oliver Stone that should tell you that maybe you shouldn't take his word as stone, he seems to lean towards one side quite heavily.  I was 16, what did i know.  Needless to say i politely declined.

In retrospect i will say, you can't change the past.

Having said that, i am an idiot.

Ray Manzarek, you were born to be beautiful and to show beauty and you will be missed.

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