Monday, December 23, 2013

Regarding my life

This is what I call my life, it took a friend to ask me how I was doing to me to inspire to write on here.

I've been living like a king, haven't used my alarm in months, it is as liberating as I had imagined. There is not enough you can say about getting up when your body says it's time, which now that I think about has been surprising. There have been nights where after a good night of drinking till 3 in the morning I still got up at 8 am, compared to my nights when I've gone to bed at 10 pm and got up at 10 am. Both times, fully rested.  It is truly amazing what you find when you walk away from the path you've beaten into a road and that you also cemented.  What used to be to me a scenic route, now new and uncharted had become my one and only way.

That's not the only new thing to my life though, I moved up the chain of command at my current place of employment and it feels good to be in the  high chair, familiar territory but with an unfamiliar mindset. It's not about what I can do for them, no, it's about what am I gonna do for myself. How will this job benefit me? How will it help me pay all those things I've made myself used to pay? No, I'm now about to see how I can move up within but at my own pace, now I see a path as opposed to just the bottom of the hill I climbed.  I'm moving at the right speed and I'm able to keep up, I'm leading as opposed to trying to keep up.  On the  plus side I live less than 2 miles from work and since I'm a hermit, that adds up to about 20 miles a week.  But that does include the mile I drive to the gym.

Speaking of the gym, been thinking about my health and how I just wasn't taking care of myself. Not saying I eat that much better but I drink a little less and exercise twice as much, subtract all the work hours and stress, what you end up with is a big difference.  And like I said a mile from home, can't beat that right.

So my life is good and getting better. I'm still writing got a great new idea for my next book, I wish I could say more but damn it takes a while to fill in those pages to fill a book. But it's not a race and really who the hell wants race a barely-wannabe.  Just gonna keep the party going for as long as I can, by my count that's 23 years.

Any who, I'm good thanks for asking and how are you doing?

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