Thursday, November 3, 2011

Let me clear my throat, i feel a rant coming on

A veteran pissed me off today.  Why, you might be wondering.  Cause god damn him, he was/is a proud veteran.  Turns out he caught the tail end of a conversation i was having.  Now, i don't normally speak loud, but i won't lie i have been caught once or twice using my outdoor voice indoors.  Such was this situation, i was explaining something to a person and as the veteran was walking out he heard "...nobody gives a damn about veterans".  For the most part people don't that's not a lie or an exaggeration.  The funny thing is he let it fester, it was 5 minutes before he came back into the establishment and asked, loudly and proudly, "did someone say that nobody gives a damn about veterans?".  The young lady who i had been having the conversation with pointed at me and i agreed as i turned towards him.  The veteran then began to cite his career in the military, proudly but not as loudly.  I said a few things, but not many as he walked away having said his peace.

Facts are facts man, unless you're directly related to someone in the military for the most part you could care less for vets.  It's sad but true, and it's cool, seriously it is.  This is isn't so that you can feel sorry, or bad, or anything.  I think the veteran was hoping i'd say something back so that he could have said more, like "you're only enjoying that cookie and coffee cause i fought for your freedom asshole!" or something.  Instead he got "relax dude..."  At least he's probably got a good story to tell his buddies when he sees them again, you know where someone talked shit about veterans and he set them straight.

Here's another fact for you brother, the mail person, he doesn't get a special day.  Neither do cops, firefighters, truck drivers or security guards, you know why? Wanna know why?  They're just doing their jobs.  That veteran signed a contract that pretty much stated what was expected from him, there's an oath too.  I think it says something about foreign or domestic threats, might have the word war or combat in it too and pretty sure there was nothing about rewards, recognition or of anything owed to him for those services.  I know because i signed one of those contracts myself, took a similar oath and also went overseas.  True story.

Here comes the rant.

Do you know how many people have served since the military was created? No? Neither do i?  Don't care, just glad they did.  But tell you what, non of those guys and gals went in there for glory or fame, far from it i imagine, and for the most part non got any of that.  You do your time, you get out, you live a life.  It looks good on a resume, it turns a boy into a man, the stuff you learn and experiences you have serve you so often after it's not even funny.  Do you know who gives a fuck you're a veteran? Not a lot of people, seriously, it shouldn't matter.  Your brothers in arms matter, your loved ones matter, that's about fucking it.  I loved that the veteran stood up for what he believed to be right, but seriously brother, get over yourself.  This was never a promise, this is what it is, no one put a gun to your head and made you sign.  If you're looking for someone to kiss your ass or suck your dick for being a vet it's probably going to cost you, cause no one's giving it up for the vets like they used to i hear.  

One last thing, i kinda feel bad for the veteran cause he did want to see that great expression of surprise.  You know the one, when someone over heard you say something and they call you out on it.  I did steal his thunder, sorry about that.  I'm sure when he cited his military stint he wasn't expecting to hear "Relax dude, i did my tour and i know, no one gives a damn about veterans".

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