Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanks today

Let's just cut the fat out, Thanksgiving just hides a murderous event with a giant feast.  Let's get that out of the way for a minute, facts are facts people.  You know what else is a fact, that people don't care.  Let's reinvent the wheel for a minute and just have a day of thanks, fuck the history behind it, let's start anew.  Let today be the christening day for Thanks Day, let's be honest with ourselves and give thanks for what we feel is important for each of us.  No reason why, no amazing story to be twisted up years from now, no, on November 24th 2011 a day of thanks was born. 

I am thankful for what little I have and how sometimes it feels like it's so much.  I am thankful for the sacrifices my mom made so that I could be here right now talking shit about Thanksgiving.  Thankful for my brothers and brothers in arms.  Thankful for having someone in my life that thinks pretty highly of me.  Thankful for my friends, those around me now, those waiting for my triumphant return to the motherland.  Thankful for the job that keeps a nice roof over my head, food in my dog's bowl and rum in my cup.  Thankful to be able to say I am not in need, just want of things.  Mostly thankful to have a passion in my life that keeps me sane for the most part.  Finally, thankful for every memory locked up in my head that I like to replay over and over from time to time.

Cheers everybody.

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