Friday, December 2, 2011

And now back to our regular scheduled program.

I visited the CS Gallery and got hang out with Juan and JC in their element, plus Eddie Arroyo was there and he sat in with us for the podcast.  We had a great conversation about Art Basel and all the activities in Miami surrounding it. Some of which i will hitting up this weekend. But it's also about the state art is in, the value of art and artists themselves.

I first met JC through Juan at one of the exhibits held at CS Gallery a few years back and have always heard of him through Juan and the stuff they have going on.  I've always wanted to sit down with JC because of how Juan speaks of him, not just as an artist but as a person.  I went to his TWENTY EIGHT exhibit and was very impressed with his work.  The only way i can describe what i've seen is "beautifully messy", his paintings show you a perfect picture, but are very loud with colors and strokes.  They hold your attention and you recognize his work after one viewing. Not really knowing much about art i've always just been a fan of things by how attracted i am to them.  Juan has always said that it's the best way to look at art, since i'm the one who has to live with it.  I finally get the chance to sit down with him and honestly i'm not entirely happy with the outcome.  As pretty as the gallery is, well it's got high ceilings and empty space which can cause an echo, so the recording is good, but not great.  At least not as good as i'd like it to be, but i can put up with it because a good conversation happened between everyone.  But i definitely need to sit down with him again.  His sense of humor and view on what art is and what an artist should be deserves more air time.

Eddie Arroyo i met the night we recorded the podcast.  A funny and enthusiastic guy about art and the experience of it.  The funny thing is we both knew of each other but had never met.  He listen to the podcast for Juan, i've been to one of his exhibits that i really liked.  While talking to him preparing for the recording i realized who he was and vice versa.  The exhibit i saw of his was very cool, a mounted exhibit you could say.  He turned the gallery into a living room, wall paper and all, and with his unique style of capturing people in rare moments, almost like a photograph made the scene so perfect.  Like i was at a house party and things had dulled a bit so i was just walking through this strangers living room.  He was great during the recording, very informative and even better in the second show.  I'd definitely like to get him on wax again in a smaller setting.

Once the beers had kicked in we decided to just keep recording, everyone was looser and conversation flowed like we did it every week.  It was a great first experience, a learning one, but overall a fun experience.  Like i've always said, do what you want to do until it stops being fun.  This is the start of something good.


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