Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More music i've been listening to for a long time

ALBUM:            Pinkerton

YEAR:             1996

ARTIST:           WEEZER

I got introduced to Weezer by a neighbor i had at the time with the Blue Album, a kid my own age who also introduced me to BUSH.  I found Weezer to be refreshing at the time, just smart college guys having fun making good music together.  I listened to that album a lot, still to this day i listen to it but their follow up was the one that did it for me.  Lyrically it is one of the best albums i've ever heard, the honesty of Rivers Cuomo is heartbreaking at some points, yet the music was fast paced and full of energy.  Now that i think about it, it was a pretty emo album, the dude was going through some stuff, women were a main character in his little opera but he punks through it in some parts.  But yeah, heartbreak, heartache, not being able to understand the opposite sex and acting out because of it is the main theme of the album.  Unfortunately it was not a well received album, no, the fans hated it, they wanted the sequel to the Blue Album.  Instead, Rivers felt like his fans could understand him and he unleashed on them, he vented out but only got rejected just like so many girls in that same album.  It was so heartbreaking for him that for a long time he couldn't play the songs live.  Which was heartbreaking for fans like me who really did love the album as much as he did.  Fast forward to the present, it's built quite the cult following, i think it's easily become of the most popular of their albums.

Lyrics that sums up album:

The world has turned and left me here
Just where i was before you appeared

If i had to pick a song:



  1. Funny, around the time you wrote this post, Juan and I went to Universal and I busted out the old cd's while we were driving up there (I felt so 90's with my cd's - love it!) and this was the one we listened to a lot. I love this album, but yeah...Rivers Cuomo was definitely having lots of girl troubles when writing this one. It's still a good album. There is a lot of music I used to listen to that I just can't anymore, ugh, but this is not one of those, still classic.

  2. Yeah, most of my library is digital now, but a lot of it is 90's, but i insist on them being full albums. If a band couldn't make a complete album, what was the point, those were the bands you didn't see again. Weezer shows you that it's not just music, it's not just lyrics and it's not just a trend that will hold up, it's got to be good.