Thursday, December 8, 2011

Part 2: At the CS GALLERY

We kept drinking and kept the mics rolling after our conversation about Art Basel.  A little liquor loosens the tongue and we have a good time talking about everything.


I'm not discounting that at some point they have done some good, i'm sure the care packages are awesome and the words of encouragement must boost morale.  But not everyone who joins the military is destined to sit behind a desk for their term.  A lot of individuals are there to learn how to fight and prepare for war.  Last i saw that shit isn't pretty.  So you need some tough muthers going out there and even tougher muthers training them.  Don't limit them by setting so many rules that hurting the feelings of this Boots is the worst they get.  They are making men out of boys and preparing them for war, they are making men that will not come back in body bags but instead rack up confirmed kills.  So yes, worry about little Joey cause he's 19 years old, away from home and going through a tough time.  But don't complain cause he's having a harder time than he's ever had, something he chose to do by the way.  Be thankful it's only someone yelling at him to shoot straighter than his enemy and not an enemy shooting straighter than him.


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