Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What's my calendar looking like?

This is what my desk looks like, if you were my boss and ever wondered about what I do with my time you’d fire me on the spot after seeing this.  But you shouldn’t be so hasty, most of the time I do these when I’m on the phone.  Once I recognize a phone call is going to be longer than 2 min I usually will start looking online at random things, comics mostly as you can see, find something that appeals and start doodling.  I used to just doodle on my notepad to keep busy, I don’t know why but I have to be doing something or else it feels weird.  Somehow the pen always ended up in my hand and I’d be drawing clouds and stuff.  Now at least I can control it and make it look nice.  I’ve even started doing this at home too in between reading and thinking of something to write.  I’m by no means an artist, I wish I could come up with original things and draw them, no, I can copy other’s work well enough to pass.  This week especially I wish I was someone who could turn an image into a drawing.  I had a dream where there was this purple monster with two hands on each forearm and two feet on each leg, well it kinda started at the knee, anyway, a lot easier to draw that than explain it.  For the longest time I have fancied the idea of taking drawing classes, or painting, or something in that area but haven’t yet.  Why haven’t I?  I get easily distracted with other ideas, the only things I ever followed through were writing and English classes.  But obviously, I plan on doing something with those, art, not so much, it’s fun and for myself mostly.  Though, I have joked about starting a screen printing t-shirt design company.  Just ideas I have. I should though, my ego says I’m wasting my “talent” wasting all this time thinking about doing something about it.  It’s right.

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