Wednesday, February 1, 2012

               Brad storms in through the door, purposely avoiding Gia’s stare as she sits patiently, he knows he is late on account of the unplanned 2 extra beers that he’s aware she already knows about.
               “So I know you were looking forward to watching Richardson tonight babe” he says as he busies himself changing out of his work clothes, “but I heard Bardner is in town for a few nights at the Personification and I was thinking” but he’s stopped dead in his tracks by her look.
               “Oh no you don’t!  You already vetoed Josephine and now you have the gall to show up late AND try and tell me you don’t want to see Richardson!”  almost raising her voice at the end of the sentence,  “and Bardner of all people.  No.  He isn’t always reliable, I’ve read reviews of his last shows and I still remember the show we went to.  I just can’t trust his work”.
               “The turtle dick? Are we still on that?”
               “You can’t unsee that Brad, you can’t”
               “Can you blame Bardner completely on that?  I mean his editor needs to some of the blame too.”
               Almost frustrated she replies “We should be thanking the editor, god knows what he didn’t switch to if an erect turtle was his best choice. God!” she slaps her hands on her legs.  “Richardson can almost give you a synopsis, he’s so in control.”
               “Boring is what I’m hearing.”
               “No, he’s sensitive and obviously cares about his career choices.  Bardner is a dime a dozen, how many of the likes of him come and gone.  Big whoop, so you had one good projection once, maybe twice, just saying.”
               Brad finishes changing clothes and accepts his fate “alright I won’t say anything else, but I just wish he would do an action projection or something once in a while” he reaches for her hand and helps her up.
               “By the way, I hear he’s been trying for a sequel.”
               “Oh great, fingers crossed we get lucky tonight” he says sarcastically as she rolls her eyes at him. 
               They leave their apartment and make their way to the theatre, it’s a short walk before they see the marquee and Richardson’s name in red letters against a white background of fluorescent lights.  They buy their tickets and make it to their seats just as the lights are dim.
               A light turns on spotlighting a chaise lounge chair at the center of the stage, there is some equipment that like something used to monitor a patient at a medical facility.  A spotlight turns on aimed at the side of the stage, the audience claps as Richardson walks out.
               He walks to the center of the stage “Thank you all for choosing me for your entertainment tonight.  As always I promise to give you the best I can and not just whatever comes to mind.  I’d also like to thank my editor tonight whose job is more important than mine I think, having to rifle through everything going on in my head and still presenting an enjoyable projection”.  He pauses while the audience applauds taking the opportunity to take a pill and wash it down with some water.
               Richardson takes a seat and in unknown person comes from the shadows to assist him in attaching monitoring wires to his forehead while the editor begins to turn on monitors behind Richardson. 
               A giant white screen begins to descend from the ceiling and a projector turns on as Richardson continues his intro “For tonight’s viewing I have been preparing by thinking about college and a girl I fell in love with around my sophomore year.  I’d like to call tonight’s dream ‘A mistake in love’” he pauses to yawn, “please enjoy” and reclines on the chair.
               There are 10 or so images floating around on the screen, the view begins to peruse through them until finally choosing one that has the name of a college.  The screen enlarges to a young, wide eyed Richardson walking through the college gates, the audience giggles to see him.  On the stage the editor is looking through a few more scenes to project.  Brad and Gia hold hands as they laugh at a scene where Richardson trips and falls when he is distracted by a girl walking by.  The audience settles in and the show continues.

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