Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Free tickets to the gun show!!

Since chivalry is dead, guys, let's just work out our arms so they can at least have something to hang on to.  Chivalry is dead and buried.   Women like to fend for themselves, which is fine, but with each new generation there is less and less expected from a man.  It used to be that a lady would wait for a man to open the door for her, now women just push you out of the way or give you a look as if you're going to do something after they enter.  That men paid for things, at least the first date should be covered by the man.  Now, a girl will agree to go dutch on a date.  I'm not saying that's not good, once a relationship has some miles, it's kinda cute when you do that, hell it's compliment when she pays.  But, first date, nope.  Just saying.  A guy should know a little about everything, so that once in a while one of things he knows will come in handy.  Checking under her hood, (of her car, but the sexual innuendo too), changing the oil, changing a tire, checking the liquids for fuck's sake (on her car and sexual innuendo).  It used to be that looking like a grease monkey turned a girl on, now most men don't want to get their hands or clothes dirty. 

So that's how my rant started, then i had a conversation with my buddy and well, i guess i've changed my perspective, a little.  He threw out words like "intentions", "courtesies"  and i had to rethink my opinion.  I don't even know if this post is even necessary.

In the end what i'm trying to say is, ladies, set your bar a little higher, expect shit from men.  Fellas, man the fuck up, just a little, cause, they don't say it, but a girl likes it when she can be surprised by your capabilities under a hood (of a car and sexual innuendo).  I'm not saying go fuck somebody up for eying your girl, but let her feel like you would.  Fuck, let her feel your arms and remind her you could. 
But ladies, do us a favor in return, girl it up a little.  Know how to cook, iron, and pamper us once in a while.  I'm not saying live in the kitchen, i'm just saying know your way around one.  It's give and take in these current times.  
To be honest, did chivalry ever even exist or did we make it up to have something to reference?  To be honest, i don't think i even care.  Me, I'm just never letting a woman walk between me and the street, that's all.

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