Thursday, December 6, 2012

Big news on this latest pod

So, the big news is i'm leaving Miami in about 3 weeks.  Something unexpected came up, that's usually the case right, and i'm pushing my leaved date by 2 months.  The future of the pod, well, it's up in the air.  I really like doing it and we're gonna bank some episodes so that we can keep it going until we can figure out what to do next.  The phone one's have worked out for us, but i hate that feeling of disconnection, of not feeding off each other's energy or inebriation.  Especially after last night's, i mean i would miss that type of connection.  We talked about anything and everything, it was great, beer and rum was flowing.  Good stuff is what i'm saying, i'll miss it and i think it might hurt the pod.  I did get a good idea from a friend to perhaps turn it into a video cast, but we'll see the mechanics of it.  I'll do the research like i always do, besides we have time, not too much but some.

Again, i can't thank you enough for listening.



  1. Some of my favorite podcasts are by two people living in different cities, states or even countries far away from each other. Just keeping in touch with each other and catching up on what's going on in each others' lives can make for some good shows. It can oftentimes be more interesting the further apart two friends are. There is still enthusiasm despite the separation. Having a show to do is usually a good reason to stay in touch, too. Not being in the same room might make doing a show different, I guess the alternative is never hearing each others' voices again.

    I'll be leaving southern Florida in May of next year after spending the last 4 years in Lauderdale. It'll be interesting hearing your thoughts on leaving this place because I'm kind of in the same situation except I never made any tight friendships like you guys have. .

  2. Wow, it's like we moved to Florida right around the same time, i just completed my 4 years here. My reasons for leaving are simple really, it was never meant to be a permanent move. Plus, this city and i werent the best fit.

    Where are you headed to?