Thursday, December 6, 2012

Regarding my departure

From the get-go Miami and i weren't a good fit, there was something rude and aggressive about this city that rubbed me the wrong way.  Being a transplant, let alone coming from Los Angeles, made it that much harder to get used to things here.  On the other hand, my Dr friend she came from the NE coast and fucking loves it here. But, she's a little weird, being from Minnesota and all, i mean come on.  But, the job was good, my landlord was great and i have been the most productive here.  I gave myself the space to be creative, something i had not been able to do back in Cali.  I've met some great people here that i will continue to stay in touch with.  Juan being one of them.  I mean, 5 years, that's giving it the old college try.

Where i go from here, i am not entirely sure yet.  I know i'm gonna go to LA and visit family but i'm not staying there.  I'm gonna take some me time and see where i end up.  Juan gave me the great idea that maybe, if my finances allow it, i can go intern somewhere.  I like that idea, it be a nice way to get my foot in the door of something i'm interested in.  I mean, who doesn't want an intern that is doing it for the love of it and not some college credit, right.

The next two weeks should be interesting, packing and getting my shit together.  I don't plan on taking anything back that wont fit in my car, everything else is out for sale or going to Goodwill.  I love that i can do that, i'm not attached to any of this crap.  My guitars, my clothes, my projector, my ps3, my recording gear and my writing stuff is all i'm taking with me.

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