Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Just got back from LA, had a blast, wanted to give some quick shout out's before doing an official blog of my trip.

Big ups to everyone who came, a man doesn't know his worth until he sees all the treasures already around him.  Thank you everyone.

First and foremost, the saint, Alcinia.  For being the first one up every morning and the last one to go to sleep.  For housing 7 drunks for a three day weekend, 3 of which were offsprings.

My brother Jaime for making the trip down from Vegas, thank you, sorry i wouldn't sit on your lap, it was just weird the way you asked.  But you got me eventually, too bad you weren't ready with the camera.

To the birthday boy, Sam, you're old, good luck, it's all downhill from here. Keep on trucking.

Alex, what can i say, what are you hiding under your shirt sleeves, tree trunks?  Jesus!  You're going to have to start selling tickets for the gun show soon.

To Jose and Andy, you guys rock!! So good seeing you guys, Andy sorry you couldn't enjoy the festivities so much cause of work, but my visit would have been a waste if we hadn't been able to hang out.  Special hello to Chris Lopez, pleasure meeting you sir, thanks for the impromptu live karaoke, you made the night, and if i could spell your awesome girls name it would be here too.  She was a delight, good luck in Russia.

Edwin and Beatriz what are you feeding Adam, he is so big and god damn if he doesn't look like his dad.  Dude you came through with your tacos man, that was some funny as shit.  Thank you for being there for me, you are truly the best friend a man could have.

To my beautiful hags, god you guys make a man want give up his job and pack his bags.  You two are the sweetest, nicest people anyone can call a friend.  Thank you. (Hey Travis, you're not one of my hags, but i couldn't give you you're own line, we're not there yet, take care of her or i will find you and you know i don't give a damn about bleeding)

Izzy for leaving the house twice and combing your hair just the way you knew i'd like it, thanks brother.  Enjoy the copy of the book that's in your house, cause you know it really belongs to you anyway, let's just let her think it's hers.

To the Ortez clan, it was so good seeing you guys, and the army of kids, jesus!  Seriously though, they have grown up so much, wow.  Special hello to Judy, you're hi-larious girl, it was so good talking to you.

Chino and Ivan, que gusto verlos cabrones, no se vuelvan a desaparecer.  MARCADORES! MARCADORES!

Lil G!! My brother from another mother, so good to see you.  Skinny jeans aside, you definitely are the better looking bear between the both of us.  I miss you brother and can't wait to hear the new album, remember songs 2 and 3 are going to be your hits man.  SUCKER FOR PUMPS!!!

Ay Miguel, que onda voz!! No dormis cabron.  Roberto tampoco.

Frank and Patty, the best looking couple at the party, jesus you made us in shorts look bad.  Good seeing you bro.

Joe, you crazy mother!! But you rocked out on Hotel California, good seeing you, thanks for coming both nights.

To our boy Jason, what can I say man, shit happens and I'm sorry it happened to you. But hey we'll be talking about you for decades bro, that shit was unreal. You'll always be welcomed at my house or anywhere I am.

To the great city of LA, my how you've changed...

P.S. If i forgot anyone, you probably know why!

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  1. Awww, such sweet words. This will teach me to check your blog more often? You and my hetero lifemate better return soon!