Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This one's for the ladies.

There are no women left on earth!!! AH!!!!
Exactly how we’d all react, right?  I don’t care who you are or what you think about women.  You say we’d be better off without them but you’re going to want to fuck one sometime, or gonna want them to have babies for you, fuck, at the very least companionship, and how nice are they to look at, huh?  Facts are facts, we need them around.  Yet we refuse to acknowledge it by paying them lower wages, still insist on making them seem as the weaker of the species, AND we persist on making them erotic symbols just so we can shoot them down by calling them sluts.
Look, I like America as much as the next guy; I like the American way of life and I’ve even fought for it.  Plenty of women do it, too. I have a female friend in Iraq right now doing it.  This interesting fact will kind of contradict what my point is, but in the military women and men get paid the same because you are paid for your rank not your person.  Rank you really can’t cheat - man or woman, your sleeve screams your pay grade.  But in the real world, women are for the most part treated as less than.  Less than a man mostly, but still less than, thus encouraging companies to pay them less.  It’s the truth; we all know it or have heard about it.  And it sucks ‘cause as we all know, women can multi-task unlike most men.  But just like they weren’t allowed to vote for a long time after voting was even an idea, they continue until someday they out number us all and we’re their bitches.  Fun fact, I was rooting for Hillary, just saying, I’m welcoming our female leaders and I see our fate.  We’re going to have to battle like gladiators again, in a coliseum of women all yelling for our blood, not our semen…you know… like the coliseums now…right.
Speaking of gladiators, there are plenty of bad-ass women that could kick just about any guy’s ass.  Watch some MMA, learn the hard way that girls are beautiful but just watch ‘em put their hair up and Vaseline on their face.  And don’t get me started on female serial killers - they’re worst, ‘cause of course like idiots we think they’re not capable of it. Girls are weaker, smaller, and entirely too cute for that sort of behavior.  Bullshit!!  Want to know why, ‘cause they can get the closest to us.  Who else do you give your back to in bed (gay men being the exception) or ever?  Who else do we blindly open our mouth for and eat what they put in front of us?  Yeah, now you’re getting the picture.  So what if a girl can’t bench what I do, or lift what I can, last time I checked a gun is not that heavy and neither is a knife.  All I’m saying is treat them as equals ‘cause they’re just as strong as we are when they need to be.
Finally, aren’t they just so much better to look at naked than men? Seriously, I think even girls prefer to see another girl naked instead of a man.  But of course we have to find a way to turn that into a negative, set a double standard for these raving beauties.  So what do we do?  We put her on a pedestal, we worship her beauty, we kiss the ground she walks on, we compliment her body, we make obvious statements that all women should look like her, we split her open, we sell her parts, we criticize her behavior, we shame her, we slap the make-up off their faces, we push her off her pedestal and walk right over her when she ages a week, we discard her and finally we find someone new.  We make them our play things, then make newer nicer ones and we throw the old one away.  Then we still have the gall to make ways to sell them their youth again with a little laceration here and injection there.  Forget about letting her do what she wants too, no, that’s for a man to decide.  A good looking guy goes around hooking up with different women and he’s a stud, a girl does it and she’s a moped.  Yeah everyone gets a ride. 
So next time fellas, men, boys, and politicians, you think you got something to say about women, what they should do with their bodies or how they should live their lives.  Shut your fucking mouths ‘cause you’ll never have to give birth!!!!
No women left on earth? HA!!!  They’ll outlive us all.

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