Wednesday, March 14, 2012

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YEAR:   2000

With the announcement that At The Drive-In will be reuniting it made me remember another album i've been listening to for the last 10 years.  Relationship of Command was released in 2000, a was deep into alternative music at this point and this came out at a peak time for me.  I remember only hearing one song on the radio for it, the music was a great mixture of punk and hardcore and metal but very obvious that it wasn't meant for mainstream radio. I honestly don't remember the other singles from it, the song One Armed Scissor got me good though.  The vocals were surreal to me, Bixler had something different in his voice that gave the lyrics a separate life from the music.  Not to undersell the music, the guitar is undoubtedly some of the best i've ever heard and that fast paced drumming was amazing.  I never got to see them live, but i imagine it was just a super charged performance.  They came together and formed a great album from start to finish.  It sucked that i caught on to them so late, i did catch up with their previous albums but they did not compare to Relationship.  So it's the album i've stuck with for the past decade.

Lyrics that sum up the album:

If i had to pick a song


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