Thursday, March 8, 2012


We've been toying with the idea for a while of being able to do the podcast from separate locations, seeing as Miami was never a permanent move for me.  But we both had our reservations because of the many podcasts we've heard were the sound is terrible giving us no reason to keep listening.  For an amateur at this recording process i'd at least like to think that i strive for the best amateur sound possible within the means i have.  Hopefully anyone who has been listening for a while has over the episodes noticed the sound quality improving little by little.  I approached the ability to record phone conversations with the same mindset, make it sound good or dont bother at all.  Over all i am happy with the sound,  a few tweaks here and there and i'll improve some of the things i heard upon listening to it, not everyone will hear them, but to me they sound so loud that it actually made me self conscious about putting it out there in the interwebs.  But we learn, and like i said, i am happy with it, it sounds much better than i anticipated and hopefully will only improve.  The ability to be able to connect the phone opens a lot of new possibilities for our little show, now we can have guests, people that were unattainable are all now just a phone call away.  Thanks for listening.


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