Monday, May 16, 2011


I'm working with Juan Navarro from and a whole lot of other things, the dude doesn't sleep i think, on an illustrated kids book.  THE ABZ'S OF ZOMBIE SURVIVAL.  I think it's a fun idea to touch on a subject that has so much potential and so much material out already.  A year ago i wouldn't have thought about something like this, but thanks to Juan my imagination has been on fire to zombies and luckily he's fuel to that fire.  This should be a lot of fun to do and i'll post up a page or two when they are ready.  Hopefully we can get it out soon but like i said, the man does everything, and i might not have finished all the writing yet, yet.  No worries though, i got the BRAINS for it.  (Yeah, that was bad)

 Quick preview of what's to come.

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