Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorialize this!!!

I shouldn’t have to care, I didn’t die while in the military.  But I do appreciate an extra day off, who doesn’t right?  But let’s remember what it’s supposed to stand for, or at least pretend we care.  Fact is, for most holidays we couldn’t care less; it’s a paid day off, forget the facts right?  Fuck no!!!

We “celebrate” for those that died in combat in prior wars. I think we have honestly forgotten there are plenty of missions going on right now and plenty of soldiers dying.  I’m here to say “Don’t worry about the guys out there right now”, they’re doing fine.  I remember my DI (Drill Instructor) warning me back in ’98 that some of us would see war as we finished boot camp.  Son of a bitch was right, some of us did see war.  There is no infantry enlisted soldier that doesn’t realize that there is a slight possibility that they will see war, be injured or die due to that.  It’s what we do, we fight, we die or we come home.

I understand the reason for Memorial Day, I appreciate it.  So do moms, brothers, sisters and friends.  But for the living, the ones who saw a country with no god just kids with guns we couldn’t honestly care less, it’s a day off for us just like it was when we were back in the rear. 

So enjoy your BBQ just like I did today, a rib eye steak cooked over an open fire.  Enjoy the day off from work just like I did.  But for the love of anything you hold sacred don’t forget it’s just another day for you ‘cause you haven’t done anything to earn it or appreciate it.  If you have, don’t listen to me ramble.  But if you haven’t, call off the wah-ambulance ‘cause you have to work, call it off ‘cause things didn’t go your way, call it off ‘cause you feel that it’s unfair.  Shut your mouth, take the time to think and realize that not everything is about you, there are things greater than you and things will go a lot smoother if you stopped thinking otherwise.

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