Sunday, June 19, 2011

My name is Christian, i have a passion, i love to write.

    Often when I think of topics to write about, or of stories that could fill a book, I return to memories that might spark up a whole chapter and maybe motivate a novel.  It sounds like a winning combination, I could bust out three books a year like Stephen King with that foundation.  Yet it seems harder than anything trying to choose what I think would be something worth reading for someone, that feeling where just cause it matters to me doesn’t it will be anything special to someone else.  I follow the golden rule where it isn’t what you say that matters but how you say it.  The same story can be told by a hundred people, chances are you will only remember a few of them and only because of the details in which they told the story.  There are natural story tellers in the this world, people who can hold an audience words, but try and get them to put it on paper and they would be stuck.  There are people who can write long an eloquent letters explaining one thing or another.  There are those who chronicle what happens in the world, I don’t mean just journalists, no, there are a few who see the world and explain it in words.  I suppose that’s my thing considering I am not a great writer; I don’t tell good stories; not great at making things up; I don’t have a broad vocabulary and I don’t write a lot.  But I do have one recurring compliment, “I like the way you write”.
    This motivates me to take my everyday events of growing up and turn them into stories on paper.  I know this won’t pay the bills just yet, I’m realistic enough to have a well paying job with the bonus that it gives me time to write, but a passion isn’t always what makes you.  A passion can drive you.  It’s the childhood dream that never dies; the list of top five perfect jobs; the poster on the wall or the conventions we all go to.  I love the 50 year old man who busts out a guitar and plays it like it’s his job, yet clearly we see he is a janitor because of the jumpsuit he has on.  There is a twinkle in people’s eyes when they talk about what moves them, an uncontrollable twitch that gives away their bluff.  My name is Christian, I have a passion, I love to write.

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