Thursday, June 2, 2011


You still have your necklace that says "I wish you would"?  I miss you man, times are tough, it isn't as simple as it used to be sitting together with a bucket of beers between us while Office Space, Old School, Van Wilder, Super Troopers or Airplane played all day everyday.  I know you're doing ok, but i miss you bro.  Those times can't be duplicated and people just dont understand.
We had some tough cases, even dangerous ones, but it never felt like it with you around.  You were like a rhino busting through those doors coming in for backup.  I was never scared to begin with but you stamped it by not showing any fucking fear.  I drink tonight and it feels tasteless, beer never tasted so good as when we shared it on a lunch break.  Remember those?  You know CHUY'S isnt around anymore?  Apparently we were keeping them in business since they shut down after we left. 
Life doesnt suck with out you but it sure feels weird.  Is this gay?  You wouldn't care anyway, after the shit we've seen of each other this is the least of our worries.  Just wanted to let you know 2740 miles doesnt change the fact that we're brothers, through chicks, through jobs, through beers, shots or pink cowboy hats.  You're my boy and the rum and coke agree.

(i'm going to regret this as soon as i post it, ha!!)

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